Teddy-Bears & Dolls - Fox-in-box


The cost of my products depends on several factors:

  1. Time. This refers to the urgency of the order and the duration of execution.
  2. Cost of materials.
  3. Complexity of work.
  4. Number of accessories, pets, etc.
  5. Payment method. In the case when an additional payment is charged for a particular method of payment, the order price increases accordingly. For example, PayPal takes up from 7% of the transfer amount.
  6. Shipping. Costs depends on pricelist of delivery and the land of the buyer.


Execution of any work begins with an advance payment: at least 50% of the total cost. Typically, the amount of prepayment is used to purchase the necessary materials and everything related to the manufacture. In the case, when the customer wants to cancel the order after transferring the prepayment amount, this amount is not refunded, because it was spent on materials for this individual order.

Final payment

The order will be paid out after you have seen pictures of finished work and approved the final result. Thereafter, the shipping will be carried out according to the price of the shipping method you have specified.