Get your own uniqe teddy!

Get your own uniqe teddy!

Where is my teddy?

Teddys splitted the mankind in two parts: people, who exactly knows, which teddy they want and people, who is unsure by this decision. The mainquestion is - which teddy is the rightone for me or for someone else? If you are not sure or want to get some uniqe teddy - write me a message. We will fint the perfect solution for you.


Please note: my work is planned far in the future. Because of this, sometimes I can start with producing läter.


Usually I create teddys on a order, so I dont have many of them on stock. "Handmade" needs its time! Depend on size, input and shippingtime it could last from 1-2 to 5-6 weeks.


My favorite stuffs for the surface are viscose, plush and mohair. As filling I use sawdust or granuls. Clothes are usually made of "vintage" stuffs, which are naturally or artificially get older.


Depending on size, material, input and awards (f.e. "Moscow Diamond Bear" or "Golden George") some teddy has, his price could vary.


I set no warranty on my teddys, beause there are no complaints till today :)